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KSM Production is a full-service event management company based in Jakarta, founded in 2010, with more than nine years of experience we always take a new and unique approach at every event held Our team understands that well-organized events can be used to support the organization's strategic vision to be incorporated into the company's marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty

We each work on the project full of attention to the details of the event. Regardless of the size of the event we are working on, we work on clear strategic goals, established principles, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and in accordance with the budget. At KSM, we prioritize your company. We learn about your business, we focus on your challenges, and we plan events to support your goals

We are PT. KEMILAU SINAR MENTARI has approved many events in Jakarta Also events held outside the city of Jakarta, internal activities and external companies, such as launching company products and brands, or activities promotions or other events. We will prepare the stage, sound, lighting, supporting artists / talents and support for using futuristic stage animations.

​In accordance with the challenges of today's business world where business activities must be more effective and efficient, Ask businesses to be more careful in agreeing to steps and strategies. No exception in organizing events / events that are not directly carried out supporting the steps of a good company business consisting of external activities for do promotion / sales, improve company image or internal activities Like building a team that wants to improve the quality of existing resources a synergy that has a positive impact on the company's progress.

We will draw up the concept of activity, make a timeline for time organizing activities can run well, besides that we provide the cost perspective is very flexible which can be adjusted with Spending existing budget while maintaining quality activities.

KSM In addition to preparing the event, we are also experienced for holding an expo, bazaar or exhibition where we will prepare a booth, licensing and coordination with other external parties. We have been tested in this field, proven to have participate in supporting brands in the scale exhibition event small or large.

We have come to help you in your preparation planning an extraordinary event, starting from the concept event design, budgeting, management, event execution, up to post-event evaluation. KSM always tries professionally and provide the best for clients because we are supported by personal- personal who works totally, thoroughly, creative, and experienced.

​We are always open in service to every new client or client has faithfully used the services of the KSM team. With dedication high and full responsibility KSM will help compile the concept of activity, making the timeline so that the time of implementation can run well. In addition, we also provide very flexible cost perspective according to the existing budget but still maintaining quality.

We are better known by the short name KSM is a company that is engaged in advertising especially outdoor media and media in space and has handled external and internal media projects  space from several national / multi-national companies. Both government and private. Supported by senior staff /professionals who are quite reliable and experienced. Who is capable  work in the field